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Agile at DOD: Going Beyond Sticky Notes and Standing Meetings

“In DOD now, everybody says they’re doing agile. But when they say they are doing agile, they mean you stand instead of sitting down at meetings, and that you use sticky notes to track tasks. If you do those things, you’re an agile god. They are still doing lengthy requirements development, and...

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How Harvard Is Helping Government Do Digital Better

I was invited last Friday to attend a “demo day” (a phrase taken from the world of incubators for startups) where five student groups presented digital government projects they had spent the semester developing for a Harvard Kennedy School field-based course called Tech and Innovation in...

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USDS in Action

In March, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced a 2.0 release of a capability called Blue Button, which was initially introduced by CMS and the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2010. (I asked Peter Levin, an old friend from Boston and father of the original system at the VA,...

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Striking a Blow for Agile with DOD Weapons Systems

In a recent report, called Design and Acquisition of Software for Defense Systems, the Defense Science Board (DSB) has raised its influential voice on behalf of a move by the Department of Defense towards greater use of agile development approaches for software being developed for weapons...

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Star Wars: Should DoD Have One JEDI Master or Many for Massive Cloud Contract?

The Department of Defense (DoD) is doubling down on its intent to award a massive 10 year, $10 billion contract to a single cloud provider, and the decision is generating quite the debate across the #govcon wires. At stake for industry is whether and how they get involved in a contract that...

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SmallGovCon Week In Review: February 26 – March 2, 2018

March has arrived, and soon it will be time for all the March Madness fun. But first, I will be heading to sunny Florida for the APTAC Spring 2018 Training Conference on Monday. If you’re a PTAC counselor, I hope to see you there. In today’s edition of the SmallGovCon Week in Review , an ...