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Learn The Market Webinar: Preparing to Buy Cybersecurity Services

When it comes to buying cybersecurity, do you even know where to start? They say that early engagement with vendors is key to effective buying, so consider starting there by joining our upcoming webinar, Preparing to Buy Cybersecurity . We’ve assembled a group of cyber security and software...

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UK Offender Tagging Programme - Catastrophic Waste of Public Money

of Justice’s (MoJ) “offender tagging...tags should have been deployed procure the new tags. At the time of...rolling out the new tags from the end of 2018...the new tags are now expected to be ready

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Virginia-based IT Firm Tagged with $16m False Claims Settlement

Virginia IT products and services company, ADS Inc., has agreed to settle with the government over allegations of false claims and fraud in federal small business contracts. The defense contractor and their subsidiaries will pay the U.S. government $16 million to settle the False Claims Act...

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Meet the Panel: Modernizing IT Through Share-in-Savings Contracts.

On Thursday, October 26 Public Spend Forum will welcome guests from the public and private sector for a discussion on the potential for Share-in-Savings style contracting approaches to modernize legacy systems within the federal government. First introduced in the E-Government Act of 2002,...

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Don't Buy Procurement Technology Without Hearing This First

Technology solutions hold much promise for public sector organizations, but without smart procurement practices these business opportunities won't attract the best suppliers in the procurement technology marketplace. This was a theme shared by Eliza Niewiadomska and others during a convening...

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Innovation Procurement – European Commission Publishes New Guidance

The EU’s new guidance document on innovation procurement “presents in a concise manner the fundamental aspects of innovation procurement: why it is important, who is interested in it and how it can be carried out. It covers: what the innovation procurement concept means, the policy...

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Strategic Market Intelligence

Strategic market analysis is a much-needed tool in the public sector shed, and yet it's often overlooked for more short-term, transactional capabilities. This introduction to strategic market analysis helps define why market intelligence is important, what role it plays in the acquisition...

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