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SmallGovCon Week In Review: February 12-16, 2018

Love was in the air this week with Valentine’s Day falling on Wednesday. If all the chocolate and flowers distracted you from the latest and greatest in government contracting news, you’re in luck. It’s time for our weekly roundup, the S mallGovCon Week in Review . In today’s edition, a...

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A Story About A Town That Turned Itself Around Through Local Sourcing

An article in The Guardian last week caught our attention – it talks about how a northern England town turned around its failing financial situation by taking a ‘spending public money locally’ approach. This article is an opinion piece as opposed to ‘news,’ but it is interesting and thought...

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Ayrshire Takes Scotland’s Lead in Sourcing Local Food

In a good news public procurement story - thanks to almost exclusively the efforts of one woman, South Ayrshire in Scotland now sources locally produced food for council schools, canteens and nursing homes. The National reports that the result has been a boom in local produce and a big boost...

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Insights on Buying Strategies for the Public Sector

Public procurement veteran Steve Gordon talks best practices, future of cooperative purchasing, and much more. In interviews he’s conducted with officials at large public procurement agencies, Gordon has found that procurement teams tend to focus their research on price and cost-savings and not...

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Public-Sector Tech: Ongoing Issues and Opportunities

As agencies attempt to connect government to technology, there are enduring themes and disruptive topics that keep showing up. GovTech provides a rundown of technology trends that both elected leaders and government officials keep talking about. The article provides an overview of the issues...

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Small Business GAO Bid Protests Are Less Successful

GAO bid protests filed by small businesses are (statistically speaking) less likely to succeed than protests filed by large contractors, according to the RAND Corporation’s recent bid protest study . The disparity isn’t the result of discrimination against small businesses, but rather a...