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UK Construction Tender Prices Anticipated To Rise

Construction News reports that a supply chain squeeze will push up tender prices. They are anticipated to rise in 2018 owing to the supply chain being unable to support rising input costs, according to Mace’s cost consultancy arm. The company has revised its forecasts for tender price rises in...

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Glasgow WAN Contract To Transform City’s Digital Infrastructure

An Edinburgh-based SME has landed a pivotal role in one of the UK’s largest recent public sector contracts that will see Glasgow evolve its digital city status, says Digital by Default . Scotland’s largest independent telecoms firm, Commsworld, has finalised a £30m contract to become a key...

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Ireland Seeks To Overhaul Public Procurement Model

The Irish Examiner reports that the State has sought to overhaul the system of public tenders with the aim of achieving better value for money. Chairman of Bid Services consultancy, in a critical review of the system, highlighted the high transaction costs, including heavy delays faced by those...

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Sweden Tightens IT Outsourcing Approach – More Signs that the UK Outsources for Outsourcing Sake?

In January, the Swedish Government took steps to change its policy around IT outsourcing to private firms. It introduced rules, which will come into effect in April, to tighten security in IT outsourcing deals, affecting hundreds of outsourcing projects a year. From April, all government...

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A Story About A Town That Turned Itself Around Through Local Sourcing

An article in The Guardian last week caught our attention – it talks about how a northern England town turned around its failing financial situation by taking a ‘spending public money locally’ approach. This article is an opinion piece as opposed to ‘news,’ but it is interesting and thought...

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New UK Military Rapid Procurement Process for Urgent Needs

In a major change in UK military policy, the emergency procurement of new equipment in response to field commanders to deal with emerging threats now has to be paid out of the UK Ministry of Defence’s own budget rather than from the UK Treasury’s (finance ministry's) reserve fund for crisis...

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French Defence Spending Mammoth Boost to Hit NATO Target

This week France’s defence ministry announced plans to raise its spending by more than 40% - from 34.2 billion euros in 2018 to 50 billion euros in 2025. The move is to bring it in line with NATO targets following complaints that the US accounts for 70% of combined NATO defence spending and...

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HE Smart Motorways Procurement Supply Chain Consultation Begins

Highways England is seeking the views of its supply chain in the development of a new procurement model for its Smart Motorways Programme. “The aim of the new model is to enable Highways England to achieve its ambitions for the strategic road network through securing a sustainable supply chain...