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Strategic Market Intelligence

analysis helps define why market intelligence...face when trying to develop market...intelligence, and what key principles can help

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Market Intelligence Report for 2017: Government Purchasing Trends

Washington Technology has come out with a very interesting survey canvassing federal buyers, in their latest Insider Report: 2017 Trends in Government Purchasing (subscription required). According to the report: ...Our annual report explores the many facets of the government procurement...

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Market Intelligence Report 2017: Department of Veterans Affairs

With 2016 being one of the most active years for federal IT contracts, 2017 is shaping up to be one the most competitive. Several large, high-ceiling, government-wide acquisition contracting vehicles (GWACs) hit the street last calendar year, with approximately $200 billion in IT contracts,...

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UK Offender Tagging Programme - Catastrophic Waste of Public Money

of Justice’s (MoJ) “offender tagging...tags should have been deployed procure the new tags. At the time of...rolling out the new tags from the end of 2018...the new tags are now expected to be ready

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Virginia-based IT Firm Tagged with $16m False Claims Settlement

Virginia IT products and services company, ADS Inc., has agreed to settle with the government over allegations of false claims and fraud in federal small business contracts. The defense contractor and their subsidiaries will pay the U.S. government $16 million to settle the False Claims Act...