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The Five Factors That Shape How We Buy

Effective buying requires skill, one that enables us to determine exactly how we should buy in any given situation. As part of this we must consider where we might buy from, our needs and wants, and the most effective way to satisfy these. We must also consider the relationship with...

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Don't Buy Procurement Technology Without Hearing This First

Technology solutions hold much promise for public sector organizations, but without smart procurement practices these business opportunities won't attract the best suppliers in the procurement technology marketplace. This was a theme shared by Eliza Niewiadomska and others during a convening...

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GSA Convenes Public Meeting to Discuss 'Amazon' Amendment

On Tuesday, January 9 the General Services Administration (GSA) convened a public meeting to discuss the implications and ramifications of Section 846 of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Procurement Through Commercial e-Commerce Portals. This amendment (dubbed the “Amazon...

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3 Steps to Increase Your Agency’s FITARA Incremental Development Score

In our last blog, we addressed three steps your agency can take to get a better MEGABYTE grade on the FITARA scorecard. In the second installation of this series, we address steps your agency can take to improve your Incremental Development score. Agencies have historically struggled to...

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Simple Advice for Procurement Success in 2018

As Spend Matters gets back in the swing of things in the new year with full coverage of topics, Peter Smith addresses prospects for 2018 as well as suggesting some resolutions, ideas or goals that procurement professionals might want to adopt. He covers four key points wishes readers a happy,...

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'Reinventing Government,' 25 Years Later

In 1993, the government began shifting its focus to performance, but the question remains: Has the procurement system improved? We are coming up next year on the 25th anniversary of the country's first and perhaps only governmentwide management reform program organized around a coherent...

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Avoiding the CatMan Badge: How to Make Sure Your Organization Doesn’t Fall Into an All Too Common Trap

The same old buying approach badged as Category Management will fail to deliver results. Category Management is a core strategic procurement approach in modern organizations. Well implemented, it is a game changer and is essential to securing substantial benefits and building competitive...