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Texas Town Uses ‘Public-Pizza Partnership’ to Fix an All Too Common Problem

Bartonville, Texas has deployed a different type of public-private partnership for an infrastructure project, what one official has dubbed a “public-pizza partnership.” Bartonville Town Administrator Michael Montgomery discussed the unusual way the community had its potholes fixed. “In my six...

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Agile at DOD: Going Beyond Sticky Notes and Standing Meetings

“In DOD now, everybody says they’re doing agile. But when they say they are doing agile, they mean you stand instead of sitting down at meetings, and that you use sticky notes to track tasks. If you do those things, you’re an agile god. They are still doing lengthy requirements development, and...

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Recent SBA Direct Final Rule to Impact Recertification, M&A Activity

ALERT M|E: On May 25, a small yet impactful "technical correction" to SBA's regulations took effect. Notably, it could have a profound impact on small businesses with multiple award contracts (MAC), particularly for those involved in M&A. SBA appears to have changed the eligibility of...

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Let’s Replace SBA Small Business Goaling Grades with Participation Trophies

For Fiscal Year 2017, SBA’s small business goaling scorecard awarded 21 agencies grades of “A+” or “A” for their small business contracting and subcontracting. Two agencies received a “B” and a single, lonely agency brought up the rear with a “C.” Not one agency received a grade below “C...

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The Public Procurement Leaders Podcast with Alan Thomas - Episode 8

Easy, Efficient, and Modern. These are admirable and important goals for any organization operating in a hyper connected world. As governments continue their modernization push, leaders like Alan Thomas are embracing the demands of public sector technology. The recently appointed Thomas,...

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VA Suspends SDVOSB/VOSB Applications Effective May 21

On May 21, 2018, the VA will suspend SDVOSB and VOSB applications for “approximately thirty (30)” days while the VA transitions to a new VIP interface. According to a notice posted on the VA OSDBU website , the suspension will affect “both new applications and applications for re...

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Public Spend Forum's Public Procurement Weekly Roundup: Updates on JEDI cloud solicitation, NDAA, and more

FITARA Scorecard expectations, what to watch in Defense Policy Bill debate, more on the JEDI cloud solicitation. This is Public Spend Forum’s Weekly Roundup for May 11, 2018. What to Expect on the Next FITARA Scorecard The Government Accountability Office (GAO) releases an IT report...

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How Harvard Is Helping Government Do Digital Better

I was invited last Friday to attend a “demo day” (a phrase taken from the world of incubators for startups) where five student groups presented digital government projects they had spent the semester developing for a Harvard Kennedy School field-based course called Tech and Innovation in...