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The Five Factors That Shape How We Buy

Effective buying requires skill, one that enables us to determine exactly how we should buy in any given situation. As part of this we must consider where we might buy from, our needs and wants, and the most effective way to satisfy these. We must also consider the relationship with...

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Why Outsource? Here Are Some Good Reasons (Part 1)

The collapse of one of the largest suppliers to the UK public sector, services and construction firm Carillion, is leading to some soul-searching about the whole nature of the relationship between private sector service providers and their government clients. At the extreme, we have some...

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UK Construction Tender Prices Anticipated To Rise

Construction News reports that a supply chain squeeze will push up tender prices. They are anticipated to rise in 2018 owing to the supply chain being unable to support rising input costs, according to Mace’s cost consultancy arm. The company has revised its forecasts for tender price rises in...

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SmallGovCon Week In Review: February 5-9, 2018

It has been a cold week here in Lawrence, Kansas. I hope everyone is staying warm. It’s time to get some hot cocoa (or the Friday afternoon beverage of your choice) and enjoy the top government contracting news and notes for the week. This week’s news includes the release of the major Section...

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Why Clarity In The Procurement Process Is Paramount

In December the UK Technology and Construction Court ruled that the Ministry of Defence acted in breach of its obligations of transparency and equal treatment in rejecting a tender from the incumbent supplier of, and one of the bidders selected to tender for, port, maritime and logistical...

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Is the FAR getting in the way of Early Supplier Involvement in defense projects?

Product development within the U.S. defense industry tends to follow a waterfall-phased lifecycle development approach beginning at the concept level and concluding at the subsystem/component level. The concept level design phase is typically summarized in a system concept document. This phase...

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FAR & DFARS Have 27 Distinct Definitions of “Subcontract"

The FAR and DFARS have 27 distinct definitions of the term “subcontract,” according to an acquisition reform panel. In its first report , the Section 809 Panel urges policymakers to adopt a consolidated definition of the term “subcontract,” as well as a common definition of “subcontractor,”...

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DoD Small Business Contracts Have Dropped 70% Since FY 2011, Acquisition Reform Panel Says

The number of DoD small business contract actions has dropped almost 70 percent since Fiscal Year 2011, even as the total number of small business dollars increased significantly. This is one of the important new findings from an acquisition reform panel’s initial report. The Advisory Panel...

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Ayrshire Takes Scotland’s Lead in Sourcing Local Food

In a good news public procurement story - thanks to almost exclusively the efforts of one woman, South Ayrshire in Scotland now sources locally produced food for council schools, canteens and nursing homes. The National reports that the result has been a boom in local produce and a big boost...