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Public Spend Forum's Public Procurement Weekly Roundup

Google drops plans to compete for JEDI while IBM recently submitted a bid protest over the $10 billion cloud contract and HHS experiments with blockchain to transform acquisition. All this and more in Public Spend Forum’s Weekly Roundup for October 12, 2018. IBM Protesting Pentagon’s JEDI...

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From Transactions to Changemaking - Rethinking Partnerships Between the Public and Private Sectors

New Local Government Network (NLGN) is an independent think tank that seeks to transform UK public services. It has published a report on the government’s inability to capture detailed information on procurement with the private sector and why that is problematic. Without better data, government...

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Local Authority Surveys Local Businesses on Experience of Pitching for Public Sector Contracts

Great to see a local authority taking the initiative to better understand how local businesses perceive public sector tendering. The English county of Suffolk, with a relatively high procurement spend, has commissioned Suffolk Chamber of Commerce to survey local businesses on their recent...

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Steve's Peeve About A Common Contracting Phrase

Ask yourself the following question: What is the adjective most commonly used to modify the phrase “government contracts” in mainstream-media articles? The answer, I’m pretty sure, is “lucrative.” As in, “X company or individual won lucrative government contracts for…” Pay attention to the...

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Students Learn How To Demand Transparency In Public Procurement

A bunch of students, in Sicily, coordinated under a Transparency International project, have been learning about the role they can play in making public procurement more transparent. Why? To encourage them to be more active citizens and care about how and why people’s money is being spent. It’s...

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FOI Shows English Councils Still Concentrating Spend on Top 5 Suppliers

English local authorities have made changes to supplier risk management practices following the collapse of Carillion, which disrupted 450 government contracts. But a FOI request carried out by spend management firm Ivalua revealed that of the London Borough, Metropolitan, and County Councils...