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Barriers to Entry and Commercialization
in Government Markets

Barriers and solutions to increase access to government markets and
drive scale for solutions that work!

In collaboration with faculty from NC State University's Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy, and the Shatter Foundation


Barriers to Entry and Commercialization Goals and Objectives

As part of our mission "to create market visibility, lower barriers, and enable access in government markets," we are continuing our work to understand and eradicate barriers that prevent innovative, small and underserved organizations from entering or scaling within the $13 trillion global government market.

The Barriers to Entry and Commercialization initiative is led by Public Spend Forum, in collaboration with faculty from NC State University, University of Chicago and the Shatter Foundation. Objectives include:

  • Continuously understand barriers and emerging solutions/approaches that enable easier access to govt markets.

  • Additionally, understand barriers to scaling and commercialization, which go beyond government market barriers.

  • Identify promising solutions/practices that can be scaled while creating policy imperative to drive additional solutions.

  • Drive collaboration across the entire public sector ecosystem.

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Join us June 7th, 1pm EST, for our 2nd Barriers to Entry and Commercialization Roundtable. You will hear from leaders and experts in the industry on what practical steps can be taken to lowering barriers and enabling access/scaling for innovative, small and underserved businesses.

See 1st Roundtable on Barriers to Entry here. More details to follow shortly.

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A guide for reducing barriers and improving supplier diversity in the government market

Engage Suppliers Early
Engage Suppliers
Meaningful and collaborative supplier engagement early in the procurement process. Examples include Reverse Industry Days and better designed RFIs.
Simplify Requirements and Align Supplier Evaluation
Simplify Requirements
and Align Supplier Evaluation
Streamline requirements including more use of “problem statements”; align supplier evaluation criteria to goals and differentiators
Target Programs for New, Innovative, Emerging Suppliers
Target Programs for New,
Innovative, Emerging Suppliers
Actively develop and implement programs and procedures targeted specifically at innovative and emerging suppliers
Simplify and Cost Manage the Procurement Process
Simplify and Cost Manage
the Procurement Process
Remove unneeded terms and conditions and onerous paperwork that increases costs for both suppliers and government
Invest in Marketing and Outreach to Suppliers
Invest in Marketing
and Outreach to Suppliers
Improve messaging, materials and resources; provide more transparency into public agency opportunities & aggressively market to non-traditional suppliers
Source: Public Spend Forum Barriers to Entry Survey, 2021

Stay tuned for resources, including templates, tools and case studies, to shatter barriers.
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What is the purpose of the Barriers to Entry and Supplier Diversity study and survey?

To identify barriers faced by diverse and emerging small businesses, based on facts and data, that exist across government markets worldwide. Also, the goal is to identify solutions in the form of case studies and tools that can be used by government agencies and small businesses.

How can barriers to entry and supplier diversity be improved?

There is no single answer to this but there are a number of approaches that can be taken. Watch these videos where experts discuss solutions.

How can i participate in the supplier diversity study?

You can take the survey and/or participate in an interview to share your insights. Please send us a request below to set up a time with our team to share your perspective.

As a corporate or government leader, how can I make an impact?

You can sign up your company to our corporate members or sponsors program to demonstrate your commitment as an organization to supplier diversity. The membership also allows you to benchmark your organization as well as participate in regular symposiums where you can learn from your peers and access tools and resources to improve your organizations metrics..

Complete 5 Minute Survey Today!

The data collected through the interviews and survey will remain anonymous and will be aggregated and analyzed into what we believe to be a groundbreaking report. We expect the report to highlight issues and solutions that can be used by policymakers and practitioners to plan for lowering barriers and opening up the government market.
For your participation, you will be the first to receive a detailed report of the findings as well as invitation to related discussions. Your responses will be aggregated into our overall findings, with no reference to you or your organization.

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