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Mid-Tier Advocacy: A Growth Path For Emerging Small Business

Feb 17, 2017
Too often businesses that experience growth beyond the “small business” category face challenges when they “graduate.” Mid-Tier Advocacy argues that increasing federal contracting opportunities for emerging small businesses promotes the long-standing policy objectives of the Small Business...

The 8(A) Impact: Participants Perspectives

Feb 17, 2017
In this report, researchers spoke with numerous participants in the federal government’s small-business set-aside program to learn what works, what doesn’t work, and what makes the investment to chase federal contracts worthwhile. The following document is a part of Public Spend Forum’s...

Unintended Outcomes Of Small Business Legislation & Policy

Feb 17, 2017
The Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise looks at the impact of small business policy, and where there are opportunities for improvement. The following document is a part of Public Spend Forum’s Mid-Tier Advocacy Community, and requires membership. Read More … 0

Mid-Tier Federal Contractor Growth Challenges & Transition Tactics

Feb 17, 2017
This brief collects insights from a study on challenges faced by mid-tier federal contractors. The purpose of the study was to identify the challenges that firms shared a common loss of contracts and the ability to re-compete for prime work on which they have previous experience and excelled at,...

Why Suppliers Bid For Public Sector Contracts Part 2

Feb 17, 2017
In part 1 here we looked at an exercise we’ve used to get buyers and commissioners in the public sector to think about what encourages potential suppliers to bid. Clearly, any buyer wants to have a good, competitive field of organizations competing actively for the contract, so in an ideal world...

GAO Report on Subcontracting Data

Feb 17, 2017
The federal government’s watchdog, the Government Accountability Office, issued this report on the difficulty of tracking what small-business contractors are working on what prime contracts using the current data systems available. The following document is a part of Public Spend Forum’s...

Federal Procurement And The Middle Market

Feb 17, 2017
This brief provides an overview of a research study to examine the structural barriers that exist for middle market firms and the effects of their competitive disadvantage. The following document is a part of Public Spend Forum’s Mid-Tier Advocacy Community, and requires membership. Read More …...

Serco and Risk in Government Contracts

Jan 31, 2017
Rupert Soames, CEO of outsourcing firm Serco, appeared before the Public Administration Committee in the UK parliament last week, as part of a review of the civil service. He made some comments which we find troubling—from the point of view of Serco shareholders, that is, rather than in terms of...

Rep. Van Hollen, DHS’ Borras appeal to midsize contractors

Jan 25, 2017
This article was written by Mark Rockwell for FCW, where it was originally published. Department of Homeland Security officials say the agency is looking to small and medium-tier businesses for innovative IT goods and services, but continues to struggle with tight budget restraints. The simmering...

Mid-Tier Gets a Voice

Jan 25, 2017
We hear a lot about the economic power of small business. But when you look more closely, a great deal of the economic growth credited to small business is driven by a much smaller group of companies. Outside the government contracting arena, these companies are starting to get a name — the...

Small-Business Definitions Put Hurt on Midsize Contractors

Jan 24, 2017
This article was originally published in Washington Technology on June 28, 2010, and written by Matthew Weigelt. For a long time, Kim Nguyen has felt a growing pressure in the federal information technology marketplace, and there’s been no let-up. Pragmatics Inc., where Nguyen is vice president...