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Have you struggled identifying the right targets or getting too late to opportunities? Have you been frustrated not being able to stand out and get noticed? You’re not alone but the same old sales and marketing methods don’t work.
We Know There is a Better Way!
How We Help We help leadership, sales and marketing teams of emerging and diverse small businesses by getting early visibility into opportunities and potential customers, learning cutting-edge sales and commercialization strategies, and building their network and relationships through our global community.
GovMarket Coaching and Certification
Market Planning and Growth Services

Use our AI-enabled market data and our Analyst teams to identify “who buys what you sell”, get support from our Analyst teams to pursue opportunities.

triangle Matchmaking
Opportunity Matching

Get matched EARLY to opportunities from over 1000+ sources so you can grow your pipeline.

Community Membership
Relationships and Community

Become part of a diverse community of leaders committed to enabling access and visibility in the market.

Growth Services
Strategy, Sales and Performance Coaching

Enroll in our flexible, on demand one-of-a-kind training that gets your team focused, helps you build your pipeline.

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Learn the 7 Secrets to GovMarket Growth

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Emerging companies, industry partners and government agencies all trust GovShop's AI and Community to bring together GovMarket buyers and entrepreneurs like you.

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Market Planning and Growth Services
Your Need Don’t know your market fit or which customers/partners to target
How We Help Our market research teams use our AI-enabled market data along with research to help you pinpoint the customers and partners who are right for you.
  • Clarify primary product(s) or offering(s)
  • Identify use cases
  • AI-match market/agency data
  • Identify potential primes and channel partners
  • Conduct additional research
  • Workshop potential targets and priorities
  • Develop final plan
Opportunity Matching
Your Need Find leads early in the sales process so you can stay ahead of the competition.
How We Help Your personalized dashboard allows you to track and get matched to opportunities from over 1000 sources.
  • Learn and store keywords that are relevant to your offerings
  • Get matched to opportunities from federal/state/local, primes, and non-traditional sources
  • Get personalized notifications
  • Track and follow your opportunities
  • Learn best practices on how to close on opportunities
Relationships and Community
Your Need Challenge building relationships and getting in front of decision makers.
How We Help Build your relationships and network by becoming part of buyer/supplier network and Open Global Community.
  • Build network through PSF Community and Buyer/Supplier Councils
  • Invitation to exclusive buyer/supplier events
  • Members-only Master Mind, select Master Classes
  • Access to Small Business Resource Center