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Public Procurement Best Practices Library


Procurement Strategy & Metrics

Clear definition on the role of procurement and how to measure success is a hallmark of any world-class function.

Organization and Culture

Organization and culture is about building a world-class procurement function by aligning organizational capabilities, roles, skills with customers and markets

Sourcing and Category Management

Sourcing and category management drive an organization-wide approach to managing spending, assessing needs, and managing suppliers.

Planning and Market Analysis

Planning and market analysis is focused on engagement with customers and markets, clear articulation of goals and objectives, and strategies that will lead to desired outcomes.

Supplier and Contract Management

A strategic approach to managing supplier relationships while seeking to achieve the desired outcome of the contract.

Cost, Risk, and Innovation

Cost, risk and innovation goals are identified and weighted appropriately, depending on specific goals for a given customer requirement.

Social and Regulatory Policy

Social and regulatory policies guide the overall procurement process to ensure maximum competition and best value for money.

Solicitation and Award

Solicitation and award is focused on communicating requirements and soliciting proposals in a way that ensures maximum competition, lowest total cost and leverage of supplier expertise.

Data and Technology

Technology and data improve performance and transparency across all aspects of the procurement process.