Supplier Discovery Overview


As part of our coverage of public procurement technology, we have developed a Supplier Directory specifically for the public sector. The Directory provides valuable information on over 300 procurement technology suppliers including:

  • Listing of suppliers providing procurement technology solutions

  • Profile for each supplier that includes a description of supplier, capabilities and solutions, and demographic information such as location, small/minority business status, etc.

  • Deeper information on product suites, case studies, customer references, and more

You can access the Procurement Technology Directory online now.


GOVERNMENT AGENCY - If you are a government agency and would like to learn more about procurement technology and various case studies across government, please email us

 - If you are a procurement technology supplier, please find your profile on GovShop and:
  • Verify/review your profile
  • Develop an enhanced profile through our subscription 

To preview the subscription brochure, click the button below for details on subscription levels and benefits.

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Are you a procurement technology supplier? Check out opportunities to improve your profile on the supplier directory:

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