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Power Your Procurement and Acquisition Workforce with the Right Competencies

To accelerate improved alignment with critical public procurement workforce competencies, Public Spend Forum is pleased to offer a series of reports and products to assist you in these efforts. These include:

A free Public Procurement Competencies Report (developed with The Volcker Alliance), a Benchmarking Survey you can use to see how your organization compares relative to others, and a half day to one day long Planning and Alignment Workshop conducted with your procurement management team, to jumpstart your efforts in aligning with the most critical public procurement competencies.

Download the original report developed with The Volcker Alliance on the right (Updated report on version 2.0 of the competency model to be released soon).
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Download the Public Procurement Competencies Framework 2.0

PSF’s Public Procurement Workforce Competencies Resources

Planning and Alignment Workshop

Public Spend Forum’s “Powering the Procurement and Acquisition Workforce – Planning and Alignment Workshop” will be oriented toward the following:

1. Aligning your team on the underlying critical competencies that are necessary to achieve a world-class public procurement workforce, based on global research and report by the Volcker Alliance

2. Establishing a baseline of where your procurement function currently stands relative to the public procurement critical competencies.

3. Prioritizing those critical competencies and actions most important to you for improvement.

4. Developing a role-competency matrix that you can implement immediately within your procurement function.

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Public Procurement Workforce Competency National Survey

Take this short survey to learn how your organization is doing against others.

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Download the Public Procurement Competencies Framework 2.1

The original competency model, which was funded by the Volcker Alliance, has been modified into version 2.1 based on additional input from UPPCC (Universal Public Procurement Certification Council), member procurement leaders from NASPO (National Association of State Purchasing Officials) and NIGP (The Institute for Public Procurement), practitioners, academics, and other leaders from all levels of government.

Download the Competencies Framework 2.1

If you would like further information about Public Procurement Workforce Competencies, please contact us at