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Account Manager

Washington, D.C.

Public Spend Forum, a best practices and knowledge/data platform for $10 trillion in public procurement, is seeking Product Managers to manage and build various components of our flagship product GovShop. GovShop is a one-of-a-kind supplier intelligence platform and ecosystem designed to help governments around the world quickly identify and research suppliers. At the same time, GovShop helps startups, emerging companies, and other partners more effectively work with government.  Ultimately, GovShop’s goal is to help better match buyers and suppliers so they can solve critical problems together and deliver solutions to citizens around the world.

Goals of Account Manager:

  • Drive user adoption and engagement across an enterprise, which contains a critical mass of users that will help propel other users
  • Ensure value and results being driven (e.g. assist on searches) for users
  • Understanding users to drive value for suppliers (e.g. understand the pipeline of opportunities)
  • Cross-sell products

Role Description:

  • Understand organizations challenges/issues as they relate to market research and procurement 
  • Procurement Pipeline – Understand and track upcoming procurement pipeline so we can assist them with research, engage the right users, and cross-sell
  • Cross-sell products like Assisted Market Research
  • Provide training and drive user adoption
  • Support user requests including searches, platform issues; provide superior customer service
  • Obtain product feedback
  • Track overall account metrics and progress


  • 3+ years experience as an account manager, or similar role, with a preference towards large enterprise clients
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills in order to engage and collaborate with users and internal teams
  • Strong project management and organizational skills in order to manage various workstreams and projects

Public Spend Forum offers competitive benefits and is an equal opportunity employer.



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