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Category & Industry Analyst

Washington, D.C.

Public Spend Forum, a best practices and knowledge/data platform for $10 trillion in public procurement, is seeking Category & Industry Analysts to manage and build various components of our flagship product GovShop. GovShop is a one-of-a-kind supplier intelligence platform and ecosystem designed to help governments around the world quickly identify and research suppliers.  At the same time, GovShop helps startups, emerging companies, and other partners more effectively work with government. Ultimately, GovShop’s goal is to help better match buyers and suppliers so they can solve critical problems together and deliver solutions to citizens around the world.

Position Title:  Category & Industry Analyst

Goals of Category & Industry Analyst:

  • Match buyer needs with supplier offerings thru rigorous analysis of buyer demand and supply markets
  • Support the increasing use of GovShop by both buyers and suppliers thru ongoing “market-making”
  • Engage with key (buyer) customers to improve market research efforts supporting customers’ procurement objectives

Role Description:

  • Understand organizations’ challenges/issues as they relate to market research and procurement 
  • Procurement Pipeline – Understand and track upcoming procurement pipeline of Government buyers so we can assist them with supplier research
  • Analyze targeted priority supply markets to deeply understand how the market is structured, suppliers in the market, and their offerings
  • Clearly identify and match how a Government buyer’s needs and requirements align with which sub-set of suppliers in the supply market
  • Conduct outreach to Government buyers to communicate which suppliers may address their needs and how GovShop overall can dramatically assist their efforts
  • Maintain a comprehensive view of the target priority market’s supply base and continually update as new information becomes available
  • Research the offerings and capabilities of suppliers in the targeted priority supply market
  • Develop, maintain, and continually update a comprehensive view of suppliers’ capabilities and offerings within the targeted priority supply market
  • Conduct outreach to suppliers to match suppliers’ capabilities with researched buyer demand and promote how GovShop can serve suppliers’ business goals
  • Lead team members in support of executing analyses and implementing “market-making” efforts
  • Improve taxonomy, supply market and individual supplier data in GovShop
  • Conduct GovShop testing to ensure GovShop search results are comprehensive and relevant


  • 3+ years experience as a research analyst, or similar role, with a preference towards large enterprise clients
  • Expertise in conducting industry analyses, including industry segmentation, supplier/company capabilities analyses, and supplier/company profiling
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills in order to engage and collaborate with users, customers, and internal teams
  • Strong project management and organizational skills in order to manage various workstreams and projects
  • Strong experience in track record in leading teams thru analysis and implementation activities
  • High degree of proficiency in spreadsheet analysis and developing and delivering presentations with quantitative charts and clear messaging

Public Spend Forum offers competitive benefits and is an equal opportunity employer.



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