New Guidance for Local Authorities on Procuring Digital Services

By Nancy Clinton posted 07-14-2017 09:29



UK Local Government Association (LGA) on July 11 released its ‘National technological and digital procurement category strategy’ guidance. It is intended to help councils make the right choices in procuring contracts for IT services. The strategy calls for Local Authorities to use the guidance to assist them in promoting value for money, economic growth, wider service delivery and social value through their procurement of digital services. The Forward indicates that IT “is one of the most significant spend categories in local government. It is essential therefore that local government considers, on a national basis, how we can demonstrate:  delivery of more effective, value for money public services, better business processes, support for technology clusters, facilitation for shared services and partnerships and mobile working, support digital transformation of services, connectivity and ‘smart’, embedded technologies in our infrastructure.” There is more information on Public Sector Executive with a link to download the document.



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