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Purchasing Insights – Custodial Services

Oct 25, 2016
Whether you’re buying off a common contract or preparing your own solicitation, with shifting responsibilities and definitions, custodial services can be a slippery category to grasp. In this edition of our purchasing insights series, learn about the market and potential ways to drive most value...

Purchasing IT: Billions In The Balance

Oct 5, 2016
Public Spend Forum CEO Raj Sharma and Professor David Wyld conducted secondary research and interviewed dozens of public and private sector leaders to identify issues that challenge public procurement of IT and practical ways to fix it. This report presents practical recommendations for improving...

Purchasing Insights – Personal Computers

Oct 5, 2016
Managing a category like the personal computer market can be tricky, not only because of the breadth of offerings, but the number of potential suppliers. This quick reference guide for buyers in the PC market should help inform your buy. Read More … 0

Purchasing Insights – Printers And MFDs

Oct 3, 2016
With so many options and configurations, printers and other hardware is often cited as a difficult category to wrangle. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick reference guide with data and market insights, to help inform your buy. The following document is a part of Public Spend Forum’s...

Purchasing Insights – Food Services

Oct 3, 2016
Food services are contracted by every type of organization: commercial businesses, institutions like universities and hospitals and governments. There are many techniques to improve sourcing of this service to manage costs and satisfy customers. As part of Public Spend Forum’s category...

UK Home Office re-commits to AWS with £100m public cloud services deal

The Register reports that the UK Home Office has renewed a contract worth up to £100m with Amazon Web Services for a public cloud hosting agreement for four years. (The Home Office can spend up to that amount.) It also reveals that AWS reach into the public sector “has been helped by the...