Meet the Panel: Modernizing IT Through Share-in-Savings Contracts.

By Frank McNally posted 10-19-2017 11:14


On Thursday, October 26 Public Spend Forum will welcome guests from the public and private sector for a discussion on the potential for Share-in-Savings style contracting approaches to modernize legacy systems within the federal government.

First introduced in the E-Government Act of 2002, Share-in-Savings (SiS) contracts are distinct from traditional methods in two primary ways. First, they enable agencies to award contracts with little or no upfront funding. Second, they permit agencies to share future savings that result from the contract with vendor partners, and to retain the remaining share of those savings for other uses.

During this one hour webinar, we will explore how agencies may break from these legacy restrictions with an incremental approach combining SiS concepts with modern software delivery practices. We've assembled an all-star panel to answer questions and encourage consideration of this innovative procurement approach, and we'd like to introduce them here!

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Dr. Kenneth J. Buck, Ph.D. is a former senior executive in the federal sector, with over thirty-four years as an innovator and change-agent in the disciplines of: Acquisition & Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Human Capital, and Organizational Change Management. He has a successful track record designing and fielding business intelligence models and algorithms to predict and measure organizational efficiency. He was the federal government’s point person for the development and implementation of the Share-in-Savings concept.

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Syed Azeem is an accomplished IT professional with 15 years of diverse experience across Federal Government and private sector leading software, cybersecurity and IT infrastructure projects. Most recently, he was responsible for leading IT Modernization projects at the Department of Treasury and Department of Defense. He is currently a Senior IT Project Manager for Department of Labor. He serves as a lead within the Federal Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE); an interagency working group based within GSA.

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Chris Cairns is the Managing Partner of Skylight, a digital government consultancy. He is a former White House Presidential Innovation Fellow and co-founder of 18F, a 200-person digital services consultancy housed within the U.S. General Services Administration. During his tenure at an 18F, Chris conceived, developed, launched, and scaled several innovative and game-changing acquisition initiatives designed to make the U.S. government smarter technology buyers and to lower the barriers to entry for vendors, including Agile Delivery Services Marketplace, RFP Ghostwriting, Digital Acquisition Accelerator, and Micro-purchase Platform.

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Robert L. Read is Chief Scientist at Skylight Digital. He was a Presidential Innovation Fellow in 2013, and co-founded 18F and 18F Consulting. Before entering government service he was Director of Product Engineering at Planview, Inc. Rob is an Agile coach and enterprise architect with experience dealing with legacy codebases and instigating cultural change. He is the author of "How to be Programmer", which has 12K stars at GitHub and has been translated into several languages, among other essays. Rob is an inventor and physical maker, and the head coach of Public Invention, a non-profit he is founding, which is developing a radical approach to robotics. 

Please join Public Spend Forum and our esteemed panel for a presentation of existing systems that are strong candidates for SiS and other incentive-based approaches, and to discuss facilitators and inhibitors that a procurement team may face when pursuing such techniques. Registration is free for everyone and may be completed through our registration page.

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